What To Bring On A Roadtrip

We asked our Twitter followers what we should bring on our Oscar Roadtrip. Here is what some of you had to say:



A roadtrip without music would be a dull one indeed.  @CLesterPR suggested we get music to sing at the top of our lungs and @LetUsDabble encouraged us to bring epic movie soundtracks.  Alright internet, what are some of your favorite movie scores or soundtracks?  Bonus points if they won an Academy Award for Best Original Score.



Honestly, we thought this one would go without saying but since you said it, we’ll post it.  @wepples reminded us about our toothbrush, @KristynBurtt said hand sanitizer, and @LilyMevan wanted to make sure we didn’t forget to pack clean underwear.  You hear that, Ben Gleib and Angie Greenup?  CLEAN UNDERWEAR!

An Actual Oscar

Oscar Statuette

Duh!  Why do you think we’re going, @TheAcademy?

The Red Carpet

Red Carpet

@freckliface suggested we bring a roll of red carpet.  Not a bad idea!  Then we can roll it out from city to city and give everyone the real Oscar experience.  Hope to see many of you on the red carpet soon.



As @HannahBelle34, @ClayBrice, and @moviefreak10 said, what kind of Oscar Roadtrip would this be if we didn’t bring a few movies to watch on the way?  So internet, which movies should we pack?  Again, bonus points if they’re Academy Award winning films.


Jessica ChastainGeorge Clooney

Ooh, now there’s an idea.  @Luciawriter suggested we bring George Clooney and @Sean3G picked Jessica Chastain.  Now, we didn’t invite either to come with us but we definitely wouldn’t mind their company!

A Friend


The sweetest suggestion came from @maxfollowme, who said we should bring a friend.  We are!  We’re bringing Ben Gleib, Angie Greenup, and a handful of other people who don’t know each other too well yet… but if life is anything like a roadtrip movie, we’ll all be dear friends by the end (after a bunch of zany circumstances).  But then again, maybe we should really consider bringing George Clooney and Jessica Chastain along.

A Camera


You better believe we’re going to bring a camera, @elysenida!  We are going to be taking pictures and videos every step of the way.  Stay tuned!

A Blogger


To be fair, nobody on Twitter suggested that we bring a blogger.  But the blogger (who is currently typing this) humbly proposes that it would be nice having him along, posting pictures and videos and blog entries and tweets.  And he promises to pack clean underwear.

We’re starting the Oscar Roadtrip on Monday, so if you have any more ideas for what we should bring or do or where we should go… drop a comment below or tweet us at @oscarroadtrip.